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The Soul

Our Innermost Eternal Sparkling Diamond
  • Published: July 2018
  • Format: E-Book
  • Pages: 14370
  • ISBN: 9781984533524
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At some fundamental level of reality, the number of possible relation-based features and, by corollary, also the number of actual features of a given human soul can grow and will grow for all eternity. This affirmation implies an eternal growth beyond imaging of each human soul and, by corollary, the size of the spiritual cosmos. In some sense, each new characteristic is as if a creation all to its own although not an entire personal creation. Nonetheless, we can have hope that the size of the spiritual cosmos will, at the very least, eternally grow in unfathomable manners commensurate with the relation-based features and growth of each human soul and, by corollary, also each and every existent extraterrestrial person’s souls and each and every existent ultraterrestrial person’s souls.

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