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What a Miracle Can Teach You About Creativity

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Jesus knew how to draw a crowd. Wherever he traveled, people clamored to get close to him. His teaching amazed them, but his miracles astounded them! Jesus performed these signs to serve the needy and to identify himself as the Messiah. But of all his miracles, the multiplication of the loaves of bread and the number of fish reveals another reason: to train his disciples in the creative ways of the kingdom of God. Today books, articles, and podcasts about creativity abound everywhere. It’s a popular subject because people want to learn how to produce special works of significance and make their mark on the world. Through the feeding of the five thousand, Jesus demonstrated how we can operate in creativity that glorifies God and blesses people. If you seek to discover and cultivate your inner creativity, then read how Christ’s miracle of the loaves and fish can teach you the principles that will help you make a positive and lasting impact. Bob Condly is a pastor and teacher who’s dedicated to helping people grow spiritually as disciples of Jesus Christ. He’s a credentialed minister and has worked in churches in California and Wisconsin. Bob earned a bachelor’s degree in New Testament from Oral Roberts University, a master’s in theology from Fuller Theological Seminary, and a doctorate in theology and spirituality from Marquette University. Dr. Condly has conducted pastor training conferences in Haiti, Kenya, South Africa, Swaziland, and Trinidad. He’s also served in mission trips to England, Lesotho, and Mexico and has lectured at TCA College in Singapore. Bob currently serves as the VP of Academics at West Coast Bible College and Seminary (www.westcoastbible.org) and writes a blog, Discipleship Matters, which you can find at www.discipleshipmatters.org.

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