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My Language, My Experience

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A much-treasured book, My Language, My Experience focuses on teaching positive, empowering language through concepts and using the English alphabet as a framework. To contextualize, My Language, My Experience provides everyday contexts where these words are applied effortlessly and effectively. This is designed to enable children to build their vocabulary using positive powerful language in everyday contexts. My Language, My Experience is written with a high degree of lightness and playfulness, and it reflects the author’s perception of both Tiffany and Rafael, who are cousins in real life. It also draws on some of their conversations and extends them to make My Language, My Experience book the delightful educational book it is. Wise Owl, an additional character in the book, assumes the role of teacher or adult guide, for example, a parent. Wise Owl enriches the conversations by drawing on a child’s experiences and expanding on their understanding as they enjoy reading My Language, My Experience. My Language, My Experience supports teaching of children to embed positive, empowering language that can raise their self-esteem; promote their social, emotional, and behavioral outcomes; and enhance their lives altogether.

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