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The Dream War

The Neverending Dream
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Feasting on the wounds of Sigurd’s despair, the shadow materializes. Festering in his anxiety, it grows. A nation of disunity to the East—under the cruel reign of Emperor Kandarin, the five colossal cities suffer in poverty, seclusion, and civil war. A wasteland to the West—sliced in two by the Dividing River, untouched since the ancient wars lay it to ruin. A land that knows only war, death, and blood and a land wished destroyed by all unfortunate enough to call it home: Telurdia. Once meeting the charismatic and influential General Rikard, who wants nothing more than his country to wave a common banner, Sigurd, Euwart, Tristan, and Lloyd join him to persuade—or coerce—the Telurdian cities into rebellion. However, under the omnipresent bloodied skies and atop their every step on the lifeless soil, they find each a broken, battered state of pride, secrecy, and betrayal. No matter what Sigurd’s throbbing mind screams above the crackling of his camp’s fire, he perseveres. And yet he knowingly walks into its trap. Though he worries not. War is the Telurdian way, after all.

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