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You have a great idea for a new company or to transform your existing company and are now ready to take that first step. Today is the day to get started! I designed this workbook to help you capture your raw idea and then build the foundation to get your idea off the ground. This book will not cover every detail of running a business, but it will create the framework and language that will shape the success of your company moving forward. What motivated me to share my process and create this workbook? Over the years, I noticed a couple of things. First, people with great ideas frequently don’t know where to start. Second, when they finally get their businesses up and running, they act like the business foundation will never change, and they fail to realize that the process for maintaining the original foundation is iterative. That iteration does require some foundational elements, which I refer to as pillars. The exercises in this book, and the pillar system I will introduce, form an easy way to get your foundation started and a language to share with your team as you work together toward success. Think of each pillar in this workbook as your own personal advisor to guide your decision-making. These pillar advisors work together in a powerful way to help inform you and keep a pulse on your business. If one of the pillars changes, such as the needs of your customers, you must evaluate all pillars and make sure that core elements of each pillar remain sound. A successful company will proactively review all six pillars at least once per quarter to make sure they remain on track. Completing the exercises in this workbook will give you a baseline that you can use to evaluate your business on a quarterly basis, giving you the opportunity to significantly increase your chances of success today, tomorrow, and in the future.

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