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The Long Way Home

War and Love in Vietnam
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The Long Way Home A dramatic story of love, hope, and betrayal amid a devastating war. Jeff Robbins, a U.S. Army Lieutenant newly assigned to Vietnam, meets Ahn-Li, a beautiful Vietnamese girl. As they fall in love, the war tears them apart. Jeff is pulled into battle and fights against a determined enemy. Transferred back to the U.S., Jeff loses contact with Ahn-Li. His grief from the separation becomes overwhelming and he travels to Thailand to search for her. As the war closes in on Ahn-Li’s family, and threatened by tyrannical VC, they decide to seek freedom in a daring escape to Thailand. They endure betrayal, violence, and captivity. Ahn-Li barely manages to survive, and is near death when Jeff finds her. The savagery of war and the intensity of love come alive in this realistic story of survival and endurance under impossible conditions.

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