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Death by Dose

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The book is about a nurse detective who works for an insurance company, Safe Trust. Her job is to work undercover to investigate events, such as wrongful deaths, malpractice, neglect, etc., which are costing the insurance company much more money than normal. Perinne Anderson, the main character, lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She’s hired by Safe Trust to investigate deaths that are occurring in Jacksonville, Florida. One of a group of four physicians who work at the Rathburn Clinic and Hospital is euthanizing patients for insurance money. Perinne is hired to figure out which one of the physicians is guilty. Perinne is aided in her investigations by her little dog, Baby, who does play a big part in the book. Perinne’s also aided by her friend, Dr. Alvin Navarre, who is a professor of ethics at the University of Minnesota. During the course of the investigation, Perinne is run off the road by the perpetrator, gets locked out on a balcony at the clinic and is forced to repel down the outside of the building landing in a lake inhabited by an alligator, and in the end, has a stand off with the perpetrator who is holding a gun on her.

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