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A Novel of War and Peace
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Attachment: a novel of war and peace – is historical fiction during the 2004 presidential election. Set upon the backdrop of the stunning Oregon coast and exhilarating Colorado Rockies, it weaves a colorful tapestry of global war, American culture, interpersonal psychology, and individual motivation and emotion. "That is a very brave book you have written." Carla Perry; author/poet. "Bought it, got it, read it, loved it!" Michelle Perkins; Exceptional Family Resource Center. "The cat has definitely leaped out of the bag." Rhaine Gonzalez; student. "A live coal." Sandra McRae; author, poet. "I´ve started many a book, put them down and never finished them. Yours was read in two days - think that says something, especially since I´m opposed to most (or is it all) of what Joe believes in." Judy Mangers. "A GREAT read, Mark... It caught me emotionally--POW--always a sign of >> excellent writing." JoAnn Ray; feminist, university professor. "...the scenes with Bobbie and the relationship between Joe and his father -- particularly the memories of abuse -- how those scenes were done -- WOW WAS I IMPRESSED!!!!!!" Mary Collopy Southworth; Educator. "I read Attachment in two days. I enjoyed it. A good book." John Dicke; Psychologist. "this is one smart beautiful book." Murray Moulding; poet. "I liked your book a lot! Well done." Laura Prichett; Author. Read more reviews, or order also at: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1425710395/sr=1-1/qid=1153497973/ref=sr_1_1/002-7042274-7988054?ie=UTF8&s=books And/or: www.myspace.com/mejabbour

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