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The Wealth Creation Revelation

What Banks and Brokers Don't Want You To Know
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About the Book This book is unlike any other wealth creation book ever written. Its user friendly, educational approach will instruct and enlighten you. It will provide you with tools, insight, and hope for a prosperous future that you can control. You will be able to see the true wealth creation opportunities that show up in life distinct from the opportunities that lead to financial ruin or limbo. Once you understand the basic principles of this book, you will never see the world of money the same again. There will simply be no turning back. You will have the education and knowledge to feel confident in determining the course of your financial future. For the most part, wealth creation is a nonlinear process that occurs in life and not in an investment account. Therefore, this book must restructure your mind in a way that allows the process to unfold specifically for you in your life. First and foremost, this book is designed to peel back the veil of misinformation and misdirection instilled in the minds of Americans by banks and brokers over the course of four generations. At this point in time, the misinformation is imbedded deeply into our financial DNA. The banks and brokers have had a four-generation time span to pollute not only our minds but the minds of our parents and great-grandparents. It is possible that our own parents innocently taught us misinformation taught to them by a bank or broker. What if the secret to wealth creation lie within the acronym, S.P.L.I.T. (Savings + Protection + Liquidity + Inflation + Tangible Commodities), and you no longer need to deal with the volatility of the stock market or rely on a broker again to attain wealth? What if the secret to wealth creation is, in reality, cloaked for most Americans, but now “you” can have access to it? This book delivers the S.P.L.I.T wealth creation strategies and levels the playing field for all people. Regardless s of your position on the economic pyramid, the author’s message will benefit you greatly.

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