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Dreams Imagination and Destiny

  • Also available as: E-Book, Dust Jacket Hardcover
  • Published: August 2009
  • Format: Perfect Bound Softcover(B/W)
  • Pages: 199
  • Size: 6x9
  • ISBN: 9781441552211
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Book Summary Dreams, Imagination, & Destiny, A Poetic Journey, is a far-reaching anthology of poetic thought. Lisa Moreno takes her readers on an odyssey through many poetic paradigms. Her first section, Thought Provoking, takes the reader through poetic waters that challenges the reader to think about the world of fantastic possibilities. From Mental Highway to Undisclosed Invasion, you will be held in deep thought and suspense. Her second section, Beyond Space and Time, is simply that. You’ll be in a time machine going back to the beginning or continuum of eternity through poetic doorways. You’ll go into the farthest reaches of space where time is of no consequence. Timing’s Will and Eternity’s Door are poems that will ask the reader to stop and ponder concepts generally perceived as beyond scope. What’s a book of poetry without a little Humor & Farce? There’s a laugh tucked away in each of the poems presented in this section. I’m Still a Size 6 and Smooth and Shiny are two poems that many people can relate to. These poems are intended to have us all laugh at our own distortions and illusions. Primal Instinct is a section that moves the reader into the jungle of sensual cravings. Humanity has animalistic elements to its makeup and enjoys natural hungers. You’ll move through the corridors of temptation, lust, and bodily greed. Naked Thirst and Rapture are two poems that will parch the mouth. The next section, Inner Knowing, sweeps you into a vortex of your primordial self and ushers visions of angels and shadows. Proud Tree of Life, Journey and Dancing Angels are just a few of the poems that are food for thought in this section. The Spirit Within, mixes inner convictions and the spirit world. The Source of Life, Your Wish Come True, and Tired of it All play to the inner spirit. Last, but not least, is the section entitled Dissolving Walls. Poignant poetry dealing with racism, bigotry, and poverty are dealt with here. “We, way too often, ignore the lost, downtrodden, homeless people walking our streets.” “Inner city gangs have members barely old enough to know any better brandishing dangerous weapons.” As well, wars have defined history as being waged primarily over religious conflicts.” 1939, Colorblind, Murder in the Street, and Life on Skid Row are some of the wrenching and moving poems in this section. It is the author’s attempt to assuage the hatred, anger, and ignorance that divides people. “Dissolving Walls needs to be understood else civilization, as we know it, will just be another chapter in the book of humanity.”

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