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For the last nine months, the US government has expended enormous effort and resources in an attempt to find and capture an element of a program that was removed from an ultra-secret facility located beneath one of the numerous hangers at the Naval Air Station/Joint Reserve Base (NAS/JRB), Fort Worth, Texas. The genetic embryonic nucleus enhancement program’s singular successful product, code named Gene, was removed by trusted members of the staff and set free. The problem became how to retrieve their ‘product’ and keep the information about its genetic abnormalities, as well as the program itself, from the public. After months of no progress, news of a potential sighting of one of the people thought to be involved invigorates the government’s efforts. Butch North had found Gene walking along a road north of Fort Worth. Believing him to be one of the numerous illegal immigrants searching for day labor, Butch took him to his stables to help while his normal stable-hand took a few days of vacation. The next day, members of the facility at the NAS/JRB learn Gene’s location and send a team to capture him. When they arrive and find Gene gone, they take Butch and his daughters back to the facility for interrogation. After listening to what he knows are lies about Gene, Butch vows to keep him safe and defy the government’s orders to help them find their missing product. That leads to a long running chase through the country from as far north as the Red River and down into Mexico as Butch and some of his close friends attempt to deny the government’s attempts at recovering Gene. Once they discover that Gene has fathered a child, the hunt intensifies with renewed vengeance. Butch and his friends must now protect not only Gene, but his child and the mother.

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