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  • Also available as: Perfect Bound Softcover
  • Published: October 2010
  • Format: E-Book
  • Pages: 68
  • Size: 6x9
  • ISBN: 9781462839551
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This is love at its highest level, these fantasies are for the love that can be displayed from a connoisseur of what can, and will become a way of loving your man, woman, lover, companion, husband or wife, or whomever you chose to give, hot, passionate, bold pleasure. Please believe me, your lovemaking will never be the same again. Your lovemaking scenarios just went out the window, down the street, and around the comer, to Sweetie, and Honey's bedroom with Queenie, and Oscar. Queenie belongs to Sweetie, and Oscar belongs to Honey the fantasy lovemaking lovers. These lovers start out slow, not really knowing each other, just hoping to find someone to express their feelings for a sensual, forbidden way of having sex, that was, is forbidden by the so-called good girls, wives, and laid back lovemaking acts. Sweetie had always had these fantasies in her head, mind, and body, soul she never had anyone to share or practice her mind blowing fantasies with, after all she was one of the "good girls", Sweetie wouldn't, couldn't dare to expose her feelings to any man, she would be thought of as a whore, prostitute, women of the evening, a slut or just not a nice lady, other ladies would shun her if they had the slightest hint of this bad lady's sexual thoughts. Honey was a little different he, had an arsenal of hot, sexual fantasies to implore on someone, for Honey, had never met a female he could express in words, thoughts, and sexual experiences his passionate fantasies, until he met his Sweetie, what a wonderful summer day, the world, the universe opened and let this awesome woman in his life. Would Sweetie like this type of sexual talk, or would she back away? Honey was an adventurer, he began, and his Sweetie was very receptive, the adventurer, and the fantasies began. This is loving, any way you can imagine, readers, lovers, let your imagination run as wild as Sweetie, and Honey, as hot as Queenie, and Oscar. Love is a fantasy, okay.

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