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Almy’s Observations over 50+ years in the Real Estate Profession

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The book starts off with the birth of my grandfather, William Almy (9 generations ago) in Dunton Bassett, England in 1601 and tells about his life in those times as he looked at the "New World" (now the United States) and came over here around 1628 and lived at Lynn, Mass. In 1635, he returned with his wife, Audrey and his two children, Anne, age 8 and son Christopher, age 3 on the "Abigail" and lived in Lynn, Mass. I tell the story about how the population from England and Europe moved to the new world by the thousands and changed the real estate picture as we know it today. When I get to June 2, 1959, I tell all of my experiences that I have had selling real estate and the many OBSERVATIONS that I have seen or experienced to the present day of Jan. 5, 2011. This book is historical, educational and funny!!!

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