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Evil Injustice

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Doug Conrad and his children are putting their lives together after the murder of Cynthia Conrad, their wife and mother. Judge Daniels sentenced Quinton Reed, Cynthia’s murderer, to death. However, on his way to Death Row at Ohio State Penitentiary, Reed manages to escape through no plan of his own and leaves a wake of dead bodies alongside Interstate 76. Dr. Brandon White, a criminal psychologist, believes Reed plans to bring havoc to the Conrad family one last time. With advance notice, the Conrads have time to protect themselves. But, as usual, Reed is one step ahead and the Conrads’ lives are in jeopardy. Meanwhile the Conrad murder case has catapulted Conrad Confidential to the point that Conrad and his partner, Mitch Neubauer, must hire more investigators. Newly hired are Barnabus Johnson, a former U.S. marine, and Donna Gifford, a widow and former SWAT team member from Charlottesville, VA. Together they solve the double murders of Bill and Ivy Chandler, killed execution style in their basement. Their investigation will take them where they don’t want to go. They are heartbroken as they prove the killer. In the end, no one wins.

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