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Check this journey; How heritage, multi-cultures, doctoral-research influenced Civil Engineering Between Greece/Egypt/America
  • Published: October 2013
  • Format: E-Book
  • Pages: 172
  • ISBN: 9781493100750
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Honestly, the American culture, education, and system need to be reformed for the best interest of the American public, nations, and the new generation after the "End of the World on December 21, 2012." Most of the American public cannot understand different styles of life because they never lived or experienced other languages or cultures. Some Americans who have lived and worked abroad expressed satisfaction over living in America. We could not understand the unexpressed secret, but after Engineer Sidaross experienced the life, education, teaching, engineering practice, and the downbeat/damaging effect of the legal system involvement in American society and culture, she noticed misuse of freedom, inequality, prejudices, and researched the cause of excessive lawsuits that Americans have experienced for decades. Fortunately, her background, education, professional career, and engineering accomplishments prior to going to America was strong enough that she was able to help college and university students in America and reinstate deficient students in their college programs after they understood the concepts of math, algebra, and calculus that are topics fully learned in high school in Europe and Egypt. As a government-employed engineer in America, she saved the State of California millions of dollars by correcting the mathematical errors of other engineers in engineering design before going to construction. Unfortunately, women engineers are swindled, disparaged, ridiculed, used as sex objects, and their engineering efforts are plagiarized with no justice in the legal system. The Board of Engineers itself forged Engineer Sidaross's record without her consent for years until she discovered it after ten years, but the court did nothing about it. The Department of Education attempted to coerce Ms. Sidaross to pay a bribing of $10,000 in addition to another $9,700 money-laundering fraudulent amount inserted in her credit bureau records to deny the approval of her student loan for 2012–2013. But we are thankful to ABI, IBC, and UCC ambassadors; California governor Jerry Brown's office; and Walden University for their strong support to obtain justice and get her student loan back. However, this massive fraud has caused six months delay of her graduation and massive, unnecessary expenses and waste of tuition during the first shock when she discovered the fraud and tried to debate it for a few months. We have personally lived and witnessed this dilemma with her, and we wonder why America treats its citizens, especially an accomplished woman engineer with highest level of education internationally, and tried to mangle with her excellent records as explained further in the book.

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