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Platinum Package - $15,299

The crème de la crème of publishing, the Platinum Service offers an exclusive world of publishing privileges and benefits. You’ll enjoy true 24/7 ultrapersonalized service, up to 160 books plus two exquisite Ambassador leather-bound library-edition copies, the ability to set your own price and royalties, and an incomparable assortment of marketing options. This is a luxury service that delivers unprecedented opportunities including a book video, a Social Media Setup Guide and Social Media Training Video, bookstore returnability, and enhanced online exposure.

The Platinum Service Includes:

Design and image features:

  • Customization of Cover and Interior
  • Consultation with Cover and Interior Designer
  • Allotment of Author-Supplied Cover Images and Author Photo
  • Unlimited Number of Allotted Interior Graphics and Tables
  • Cover Design Service - Advanced

Production features:

Post-publication features:

Marketing Features:

*Disclaimer: Package includes the cost of the book copies and BookStub™ cards, but you're responsible to pay the cost of shipping and handling.