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Author Video at Author’s Location


Showcase your personality and expertise on your book’s subject and connect with your potential readers through a 90- to 120-second video starring you, the author.

The Author Video at Author’s Location Marketing service is a perfect tool to reach a wide range of readers and connect with them on a level that is often only achieved through face-to-face interaction.

For 90 to 120 seconds, you get to discuss the salient points of your work while showing your target audience a glimpse of your personality. In turn, this can potentially increase the public’s interest in your book.

Purchase of Author Video at Author’s Location will entitle the authors :

With this service, you get:

  • Ownership of a 90-120 second custom-made author video
  • Distribution of your video on YouTube.
  • A link to your author video from your book details page in Xlibris
  • One round of edits at no extra cost. Acceptable edits would include:
    • Music swap
    • Addition/removal/replacement of still images
    • Re-sequencing or re-ordering of existing takes/materials included in existing video
    • Removal of sound bites
    • Color correction and lower third correction
    • Audio level adjustment

Disclaimer: First round of edits is free of charge. Succeeding edits will incur a charge.

Note: If you intend to be filmed in a public place, you must be able to secure a release for the location before video can be recorded there.

This service is only available to locations within the United States and Canada.

Since you own the copyright to your author video, you may use it in tandem with your other marketing campaigns like email marketing, press releases, your book’s webpage, your personal website, and your social media sites to name a few. Share and spread the link of your video to as many contacts in your network as possible.

How It Works:

1. To register, call your Marketing Consultant at 1-888-795-4274, or send an e-mail to marketing.consultants@xlibris.com, and we’ll guide you through the process of placing your order.

2. Our partner support team shall be in touch to confirm your video filming schedule, location and the preparation necessary.

3. After filming, a link to the first cut of your author video will be sent to you by email by our marketing services representative.

4. Once approved your video will be distributed to YouTube.

5. You will also get a link to the final product which you can forward and and share to as many contacts in your network as you prefer

To learn more about this marketing service, our Marketing Consultants are available for free consultation by email at marketing.consultants@xlibris.com or telephone at 1-888-795-4274.