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Book Video Advertising Stand-alone (30days)


Draw new audiences and make an instant connection with readers and book shoppers through your book video ad on one of the most popular online video sites, YouTube.com.

In its report on online video rankings in December 2012, comScore notes that video ads reached 11.3 billion views, most of which were viewed through YouTube. YouTube represents a wealth of marketing possibilities for self-published authors. And Xlibris is giving you the means to put your book in front of an engaged, influential, and diverse audience—literally, millions of YouTube viewers!

If you’ve purchased an Xlibris Video Marketing Service, then this advertisement package is the right one for you. Take your video and showcase it in front of YouTube video viewers!

Your Xlibris Book Video Advertising – Standalone (30days) package will give you:

  • 30-day** ad placement on YouTube
    Your ad will appear at the beginning of a YouTube video or in between videos. When a viewer clicks on your book video ad, he or she will be redirected to either your book’s online bookstore page or to your own book website.

Please note that you may sign up for this package only if you have purchased any of the following Xlibris book video services:

**Want to have a longer campaign period? Contact your marketing consultant to get a custom quote for your video campaign.

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Purchase your Xlibris Book Video YouTube Advertising Package by calling 1-888-795-4274 or sending an e-mail to marketing.consultants@xlibris.com.