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When writing a book, you may need to refer to the work of other people to describe their ideas or to quote them. This can greatly enhance the credibility of your book, plus it gives credit where credit is due. Thoroughly documenting your sources has a number of advantages. For example, you help your audience check the accuracy of your description of the source, as well as ascertain the credibility of the source itself. Additionally, you demonstrate your knowledge of the literature in your area. Finally, you enable your reader to learn more about particular aspects or ideas mentioned in your book.

Whether you would like to include these citations as Chapter Endnotes or Footnotes, Xlibris' Citations service enables you to enhance and explain your published work.

Note: The chapter endnote base fee of $75 is applicable to 50 citations or less. If you have more than 50 citations, we will add 50¢ per endnote.