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Kirkus Basic


Promote your book with one of the most trusted brands in the publishing industry. The Xlibris Kirkus Indie Marketing Packages combine the Kirkus Indie Review Service, the Xlibris Catalog listing distributed to Kirkus database, and an advertisement within the pages of the Kirkus Magazine, to provide a marketing plan for your book that can help optimize your sales.

Kirkus Basic Package  

  • Kirkus Standard Review
  • Kirkus Catalog (1 of 8 slots)
  • Kirkus Magazine (1 of 8 slots)

* This bundle includes a cover revision option for authors to include the blurb of the review on the cover.

Kirkus Indie Review Service

Have your book reviewed by one of the most trusted brands in the publishing industry. A credible book review is an indispensable tool to promote and build awareness for your book. Now with Xlibris and the Kirkus Indie Review service, you can have your book recognized and discovered.

Standard Service: 8-10 week TAT
Express Service: 4-6 week TAT

Getting a book review is perhaps one of the most challenging tasks for any published author. A positive book review from a respected source can lend a great deal of credibility to your published work and have an immeasurable impact on your book sales.

Xlibris partnered with Kirkus Indie, a paid review service from the editors of Kirkus Reviews, to streamline the review process for our authors. Our Kirkus Indie Review service gives you the opportunity to have your title reviewed by one of the most prominent and respected book review publications in the publishing industry.

The review provides an honest, caveat-emptor evaluation, under the same impartial rubric, and in the same format and style as a traditional Kirkus review. Kirkus Indie posts these reviews on their website and the reviews are also eligible for inclusion in the Kirkus Indie monthly eNewsletter, which highlights the best submissions to the program at no extra cost. The eNewsletter goes to a targeted base of subscribers, including agents, editors and librarians.

Our Marketing Consultants are available for free consultation by e-mail at marketing.consultants@xlibris.com or telephone at 1-888-795-4274.