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Blog Tour - Expedition


Get the chance to "meet" and greet the people you write for—avid readers with similar interests and an appreciation for good writing. With the Xlibris Blog Tour—Expedition Marketing Package, you'll be able to sharpen your sights on your target readership while extending your reach across 30 blog stops in up to 2 months. Now, you have the means to keep your passion for writing ablaze without burning yourself out going on a road tour.

Purchase this package and be able to meet bloggers and their circles of followers and book readers through the Internet. The Blog Tour—Expedition package holds the right combination of readership reach, ease and convenience, and book marketing opportunities.

When you purchase the Blog Tour—Expedition, you'll get:

  • Two-week coverage on 20 blogs. Your book's cover and short description, your author bio, as well as purchasing information links, will be posted on 20 blogs, with a $25 Amazon gift certificate offer.
  • 30 Blog Tour Stops in up to 2 months. This is the heart of your blog tour, as you get to interact with blog writers and their followers through your author interviews, guest posts, and book reviews.
  • Personalized Blog Tour Page. An online blog tour page will be created for you and kept up for at least 12 months after your tour ends so that potential buyers down the road can discover your book when looking for their next purchase. Your blog tour page includes:
    • Your book cover
    • Your author biography
    • Your book's synopsis
    • Your author photo
    • Links to your author (or personal) website, book order and purchasing information, and related blog links
  • Personalized Blog Tour Banner. A tour banner will be posted on your personalized tour page, which you can use however you want, like on your e-mail signature.
  • Pre-Blog Tour Publicity. A professionally written and search engine-optimized press release will be sent to distribution sites announcing your upcoming blog tour.
  • BookStub™ Cards Raffle Program. What's a tour without freebies? Engage readers not simply by piquing their interest, but by giving them a chance to win free e-book copies of your book. Your raffle program will run throughout your tour and 15 entries will be electronically drawn at its closing. Winning entries will get BookStub™ cards that give them access to complimentary digital copies of your book.
    Interested in extending your Blog Tour? Widen your readership reach with more stops:
  • Blog Tour - Additional 10 Stops, $1,199
  • Blog Tour - Additional 15 Stops, $1,699

Note: You can use an existing book video and/or audio clip to give your promotions more dimension at all your tour stops.

To find out more about how this service can work for you, please call your Marketing Consultant at 1-888-795-4274 or send an e-mail to marketing.consultants@xlibris.com.

Note: While we do our best to match your book with relevant blogs, Xlibris cannot guarantee that your book will appear on specific or thematically related blogs. Blog stops are selected based on positive interest from the blog owners and are subject to their discretion.

Disclaimer: Prices are subject to change without prior notice. Other restrictions may also apply.