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Kirkus Book Sampling


Catch your readers’ attention and plant the compelling idea of your book in their minds with our Kirkus Book Sampling service.

You’re not just getting a book ad; you’re acquiring a promotional tool that directly engages your target readership by giving them the chance to get FREE digital BookStub™ cards. Make it easier for your readers to think of your book when they shop for their next purchase.

    Kirkus Book Sampling
  • Custom-Designed Banner Ad. The ad will be placed on Kirkus.com’s home page, as well as selected website pages such as the Kirkus Stars & Recommendations page, the Critics' Takes on Bestsellers page, and on the Interviews, Profiles, and Blogs landing pages, among others.
  • 100 Digital BookStub™ cards to be given away. The digital BookStub™ cards offer a link to a one-time downloadable free copy of your e-book. This will be sent to participants of the campaign.
  • Two-Week Promotional Campaign:
    • Visitors who click on your ad will be redirected to the seeding campaign page.

Disclaimer: Prices and inclusions are subject to change without prior notice. Other restrictions may also apply.

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