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Ingram Children's Fundamental Marketing


When it comes to promoting your book to booksellers, libraries and independent specialty bookstores, it pays to be in league with somebody your market already trusts.

Xlibris has formed a strategic partnership with Ingram, America’s largest book marketing and distribution company. This collaboration makes use of Ingram’s network of booksellers, librarians, and specialty retailers that rely on the company’s selection of print magazines, online catalogs, e-newsletters, and other book-related products in the industry. This puts your book exactly where it ought to be—right in front of their eyes.

Children’s Advance Print Catalog
This is a bi-monthly buying guide that highlights the best in children’s publishing. It includes children’s products for all ages, author interviews, buyer recommendations, and reviews. This publication is read by over 7,000 retailers, librarians, and international customers via print and 29,000 international and domestic booksellers and librarians in digital format.

Independent Voice (formerly Fine Print): Online Catalog
This fully searchable and interactive catalog is just the like Advance Catalog, only that it’s hosted online and caters to titles with small print runs. It allows subscribers to view titles, make selections, and conveniently place an order directly on ipage®—Ingram’s online search, order, and account management site.
Ingram will design and categorize your book’s ad according to genre and distribute it through e-blast to 23,000 retailers, librarians, and international accounts.

Ingram will design and categorize your book’s ad according to genre and distribute it through an e-blast to 29,000 international and domestic digital librarians, retailers, and booksellers.

    Ingram Children's Fundamental Marketing
  • Single Slot Ad in Children's Advance Catalog (1 out of 8 slots)
  • Single Slot in The Independent Voice (formerly The Fine Print): Online Catalog for e-blast

About Ingram Content Group
Ingram is the leading distributor of print and digital content. It offers fully integrated print and digital wholesale and distribution services. Each year, Ingram issues a series of catalogs to retailers and libraries showcasing forthcoming and recently published titles.

Please note that your book must be listed as returnable through Ingram in order to be eligible for this service.