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Bookstore Returnability Kit - Starter


Getting bookstores to carry your book can be a challenge for not so well known writers. Competition for shelf space is tough and those coveted spots are often reserved for high-profile authors. Often, book buyers want to see a proven track record of sales and a solid marketing plan that they feel will help move the book off the shelves and into the hands of readers. However, there are ways to help your books get onto the shelves of bookstores.

Approach your local bookstores. Talk to the buyers about carrying your book. Many stores have a "local authors" section and may be willing to carry your title based on that. Another way to get the bookstore to pay attention is by mentioning the magic words: "My book is returnable through Ingram and Baker & Taylor Distribution."

The Xlibris Bookstore Returnability Kit  

The Bookstore Returnability Kit overcomes one of the major obstacles that self-published authors face when attempting to get their book on bookstore shelves. When you choose to enroll in this program, you make your work more attractive to booksellers everywhere and increase the market availability of your book. By making your book returnable through Ingram and Baker & Taylor, bookstores can order and stock your book without worrying about what to do with any remaining stock. The Bookstore Returnability Kit combines this invaluable service with a selection of effective tools you can use to help promote and market your book.

Whether you are initiating your first marketing campaign on a new title, re-energizing a previous campaign, or reaching out to a new market, the results you will achieve with the Bookstore Returnability Kit will speak for themselves. You will find it easier to approach bookstore owners knowing that they have the assurance that your title is returnable through Ingram, the largest distributor of books in the US.

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Simply place an order now and Xlibris will coordinate and execute the rest! To start your campaign today, email marketing.consultants@xlibris.com or call 1-888-795-4274 and ask to speak with your personal marketing consultant.

Disclaimer: The Bookstore Returnability on Starter Kit is valid for one year from the date your book goes live. The Bookstore Returnability Renewal is available in one/two/three year increments thereafter.