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Online Discovery Supreme (1000)


Does your website need an extra promotional boost? The Online Discovery package is designed to get web users with interests matching your book to discover your website through StumbleUpon’s Paid Discovery service and Google’s Search Engine Marketing.

Using StumbleUpon, Xlibris promotes your website to up to 25 million people across the globe. Aptly named, StumbleUpon lets web users, whose interests match that of your book, “stumble” onto your site through a simple click of a button. Target your niche market by choosing from over 500 specific-interest categories in addition to standard demographics such as age and gender*.

Target millions of Google users and drive visitors to your website where they can read more about your book with the Google Search Marketing service. By strategically placing your ad on the Google search results page, you can increase your online presence and reach—all through people simply searching for words associated with your book.

And, using Jetpack by WordPress, view your site traffic in real-time from your own web account and get meaningful information to help you in your next promotional campaign.

What you get:

  • 1000 guaranteed “stumbles” from StumbleUpon*
  • 1000 guaranteed clicks from Google SEM Campaign + up to 20 keywords**
  • Analytics Set-up***

As an added bonus, this package includes our Excess Bandwidth Service. Having abundant bandwidth allows for a speedy transfer of data to site visitors and, more importantly, an improved customer experience. Up to 10 GB of excess bandwidth per month is covered by this service.

* Campaign duration may extend until desired stumbles are met.

** Program will deliver clicks to the site of your choice in a period from 1 day to 90 days.

*** This service is available to authors who purchased the Web Design service after October 2012.

Contact your Xlibris representative at 1-888-795-4274 to learn more or to purchase this service.