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A credible book review is essential to ensure your book’s impact on the market. Get your work evaluated by well-respected industry professionals, and ignite the interest of book lovers and readers everywhere.

BlueInk Review

BlueInk Review is the first review service devoted exclusively to reviewing self-published books. It offers an honest, objective appraisal of your work and a route to more exposure. Give your book this promising opportunity to stand out by choosing one of the BlueInk Review services below:

Kirkus Indie

Get your book reviewed by one of the most trusted brands in the publishing industry—Kirkus. Find out what the experts think and get your book in front of the Kirkus database with a catalog listing and magazine ad.

Trifecta Review Service

A credible review is an invaluable tool for any writer. Whether you're an author working on your second series or a novice with a first title, a review is essential to be competitive in this industry. Xlibris now offers The Trifecta Review service to cater to authors who want an unbiased critique of their work from three reputable reviewers from different sides of the publishing industry. Learn More

Review Duo

As self-publishing takes off, it’s time to make a name for yourself and tell the reading public that you are worth the read. One way to establish credibility as a newly published author is to get a thumbs up from professional book reviewers. This is also a good way to get an objective assessment of your work if you’re still unsure of your writing or your book’s sales potential.