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TV Advertising

Radio and TV Advertising

Radio and TV still remain to be an effective advertising tool in today’s market. Communicate your book’s message via these traditional yet powerful media to reach more of the reading public.

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TV Advertising Services

Television is one of the most accessible and expressive media in existence. There's a reason television advertising is so in demand: It's one of the best ways to speak directly to your intended audience.

Attract viewer interest and increase your potential book audience by advertising your book on TV. Xlibris offers you the TV Advertising Services, book marketing packages that offers you TV ad placements on networks on one of 25 key markets in the country.

Take your pick from these packages:

Radio Advertising Packages

This Xlibris service gives indie authors the chance to shout about their book through terrestrial radio airing. Terrestrial radio means AM and FM radio—an advertising platform that guarantees a network of radio stations across the US.

Audio Snip Packages serve as an audio trailer of published books to promote its presence and inform your audience where they can purchase it. With this service, you can take your story to the airwaves and talk about it yourself.

View this infographic to learn the benefits of promoting your book through an audio ad. >