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M. J. Domet on How Writing Changed Her Life

Since writing her first book Waves of Blue Light Heal the Heart and Free the Soul, life has changed for M. J. Domet. Not only has she become a best-selling and award-winning author, but also putting her thoughts, experiences, previous poetry, and writings together in one book has acted as a catharsis for her whole future.

She tells Xlibris that along with the whole self-publishing experience, she has become enriched by spiritual teachings and embraced self-healing techniques that have helped her with her own health issues.

Following a career as a preschool teacher for some nineteen years, she has now taken a different direction in teaching after becoming certified in Reiki, Emotional Healing, and Face and Body Reading. M. J. has now moved on to writing and running workshop and seminars in these alternative healing techniques, plus providing healing and spiritual counseling.

Her book is in fact, as she says, semi-autobiographical, as it is steeped in her early life experiences; however, reflecting on these experiences during the writing process has allowed M. J. to reassess her view of herself in a most positive way.

While getting her book published, M. J. says she had a very single-minded view of how she wanted her book to turn out; thus, she chose self-publishing in order to have control over the whole process—from completed manuscript to formatting and design to finished copies. Subsequent to this, M. J. embraced the advice on book marketing she received, which has helped her become a best seller and win The Gold Medal Award for Living Now Spirit Book Of The Year award. She thanks the Xlibris staff because of their understanding and professionalism at every step along the way.

M. J. lives on a farm in northern Alberta, Canada, with her husband, is the mother of two, and a grandmother of one. She teaches several spiritual workshops including Reiki and Deep Healing Emotional Energy. Her other passions include riding horses and writing. The author can be contacted through her website at https://expecttobeempowered.com. You can also read more about her and her book at the Xlibris Indie Authors Roundup.

M. J. also tells us that Waves of Blue Light Heal the Heart and Free the Soul is not going to be her only book. She has plans to publish a second book, Waves of Wisdom: Step into the Power of Awakening. Is M. J. Domet going to self-publish? That’s a definite plan!