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A Prescription for Handling Rejection

Stephen Berberich

Query rejections can be tough on aspiring authors, but to Dr. Stephen N. Berberich, getting them is simply another opportunity to improve his writing and persevere in seeing his publishing journey through. Xlibris invited Dr. Berberich to be featured in this month's Author Spotlight so he could share his self-publishing experiences and inspire fellow writers to take heart and keep believing in their dreams.

After a successful 40-year interventional cardiology practice, Dr. Berberich retired in 2004 and turned to his other passion, writing. To date, he has self-published three medical thrillers with Xlibris - No Known Species: The Dark Secret of the Genesis Cycle, The Gene Trap (sequel to No Known Species), and Shadows of Reality. Dr. Berberich entered Shadows of Reality in the Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Category of the 2013 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award Contest. It gained the approval of readers and bested thousands of other entries to reach the quarterfinals - glowing proof that aspiring authors should not doubt themselves and never give up on their books.

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