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Going Home Goes Mainstream

Author going home

Xlibris celebrates as another author makes the successful transition from self-publishing to traditional publishing. A. American, an Xlibris self-published author, has signed a four-book deal with Plume Books. A Penguin Random House imprint, Plume Books was founded in 1970 and since then has dedicated to giving an opportunity to voices previously neglected by mainstream publishing.

A. American self-published the first book, Going Home with Xlibris in November 2012, which tells the story of Morgan Carter, a survivalist who encounters his worst nightmare 250 miles away from home. This was quickly succeeded by Surviving Home, following his journey home to procure the safety of his family as everything around him falls into anarchy. Yet another sequel, Escaping Home, continues the Morgan Carter saga. The book will be released in the fall.

The author draws on his experience as an outdoorsman actively involved with prepping survival communities to create a riveting narrative of one man's fight for the survival and safety of his family. American joins survivalist fiction author James Wesley Riles in crossing over from self-publishing into mainstream success—Rawles first found success by self-publishing the first two books of his popular Patriots novel series with Xlibris in 2006.

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