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Natasha Carr-Harris

Some people reach old age with regrets of failing to pursue a certain passion; others are striving to accomplish a neglected dream. Thirteen-year-old Natasha Carr-Harris, on the other hand, has already made great strides in her endeavors and is already reaping the fruits of her creative labors-and she is only just about to exit her childhood years.

The young author has already penned a novel, The Eyes, a young-adult fiction that anchors on the issues of bullying. The story is a high school drama with a horror twist, which uses a pair of eyes as a figurative symbol of a bully who is constantly on the lookout to torture the protagonist. At her tender age, Natasha's creativity is already honed.

"Ever since I was young, I loved to read and write. I also loved watching horror movies. These three passions combined led to an abundant imagination. Thus, I've always been able to write fictional stories without difficulty. The idea for The Eyes came from a couple of recent horror movies that I combined and added to my invented ideas."

Natasha's decision to self-publish her book with Xlibris was the key that opened the great door to a promising writing career. When she attended the New York PitchFest to promote her novel, she was a standout among the 150 authors who pitched to seven movie-producing companies. She was chosen to pitch her story to renowned movie producer Paula Wagner, whose credits include movies like Mission Impossible, The Others and Vanilla Sky.

"I had a great time with Paula and learned many invaluable things from her. I did my very best at pitching my book to her. Currently, I am waiting for her response as well as the other companies' responses."

Even at her young age, Natasha has developed her personal views on writing-a clear testament that she is in control of her art. Her confidence in her skills and belief in the message of her story is her sturdy platform for self-publishing her work. She shares, "The problem with traditional publishing companies is that they have opinions that might prohibit them from accepting a book. The truth is that every author has something new and wonderful to share through their book, and self-publishing companies allow that."

One advantage of being a young author is having ample time to reach publishing goals. The wise ones like Natasha understand that time can be an ally and also an enemy of the young. What led to results was her drive and optimism to learn and explore her craft. Natasha is only in her teens, but as an author, she talks and acts like a mature, experienced professional.

"I'd like everyone to know that it isn't a special girl who managed to write a book in three days, publish it and pitch it successfully at PitchFest. It's just a girl who loves to write. I want my message to get out loud and clear: writing comes from the heart. Of course, there's more to it than just imagination, but the first step in becoming successful with it is to make it your passion."

At thirteen years old, novelist Natasha Carr-Harris is living her dream.

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