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Featured Author: Robert Adcock

Robert Adcock is a retired aerospace engineer from the most revered of institutions-NASA. Two Into the Blue, his 2008 memoir, documents his years of involvement in aerospace missions. The book focuses on the Gemini Project, the crucial series of missions that laid the groundwork for the Apollo flights. Journalist Jason Rhian writes, "Gemini was essentially NASA's 'classroom,' teaching the space agency the lessons needed to fly to the moon. Without the Gemini series of missions, NASA would never have been able to learn all of the techniques needed to send a man to the moon and return him safely to the Earth."

Robert's book, unlike many other books about the key years of the space race, is not based on secondhand accounts. The very first sentence grabs your attention: "I arrived . . . at Launch Complex 19 at 3:45 a.m. on June 3, 1965." This simple sentence could only have been written by a man who saw the space program built from the ground up, who used his own hands to help in the building. It isn't only space buffs who want to read more. The book gives off that breath of greatness which captured the world's imagination in NASA's early days.

Of course, the later days have a very different feel, especially now that the American space shuttle has made its last flight. The reader's sense of wonder is tempered by a dark note of loss. "Despite its vital role, Gemini is largely forgotten by most of the general public today. With NASA's current future uncertain, this book allows one to look back to a time when the U.S. crewed space flight program's future was bright."

Two Into the Blue is more than a nostalgic look back to a more optimistic time. It is a reminder of human achievement and a testament of a man's life and passion.

The prominent science magazine Universe Today recently published an article about Two Into the Blue and Robert Adcock. Reviews of the book also appear on two prominent science and aviation blogs, Aviation Week and AmericaSpace.

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