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Exploring Dark Mysteries with Sukh D. H. Khokar

Sukh Khokar

Between the pages of Mystery of the Rose is the love story of Pearly Ruby Boone, woven together with the fate of a nation under British rule. Drawing from historical contexts, the novel paints a perfect picture of India circa 1880 all the way to the 1940s as it explores the life of a British family caught up in the political intrigue and turmoil of the era. This, coupled with vibrant illustrations and sprinkled with several beautiful verses of poetry, makes the novel a perfect harmony of the physical and the spiritual, creating a true marvel of magical realism.

Born and raised in India, Khokar migrated to Canada in 1976 and has since become a prominent voice of the Race Relations Movement in Northern Manitoba. Her efforts to bring multicultural communities closer together won her the prestigious Governor General’s Commemorative Medal. It is her strong desire for a better multicultural world and her love for the deep and storied history of her Indian roots that fuel her writing and make her want to reach wider audiences. Her dedication did not simply stop at being published, and she took the extra step with Xlibris to self-publish an e-book for the digital age.

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