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Inspiration for the Helpless, Succor for the Spirit


In her own little way, Xlibris author M. J. Domet has always enjoyed helping others, whether it was as a preschool teacher, a volunteer, or simply a friend who would take the time to sit and listen to you.

But it was as an author that Ms. Domet's kind words of inspiration and succor would truly shine through. Her self-published book, Waves of Blue Light: Heal the Heart and Free the Soul, was recently honored in two awards programs: the 2013 Beverly Hills Book Awards (Spiritual: Self Help Category) and in the 2012 Living Now Books of Year. She was also named Inspirational Author of the Year 2012.

Xlibris talks to Ms. Domet to know more about her literary successes and how, after a fulfilling career as a preschool teacher for some nineteen years, she's continuing to inspire other lives through writing.

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