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When Dreams Come to Fruition

Judy Snider

When Xlibris searched for the rightful candidate to be featured in this month's Author Spotlight, Judy Snider was the obvious choice. Apart from achieving her publishing dreams, she also garnered literary honors for not just one, but two of her books—twice in a row.

Mom's Choice Awards—an award-giving body that champions family-friendly media, products, and services—recognized Snider's works by bestowing her this year with the silver seal for Goldy's Baby Socks. I Love You, Be Careful, a book she co-wrote with her sister, also bagged the same recognition the previous year.

Apart from being a licensed clinical social worker, she is also a member of The Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators. A resident of Virginia, she currently lives with her husband, two sons, and two cats. In a two-part series on the Xlibris Blog, Snider gives readers an in-depth look into her journey. She talks about her self-publishing experience, her passion for infusing family values in the pages of her books, the struggle of overcoming “writing demons”, and how aspiring authors can realize their writing dreams.

Despite the awards she gained, Snider remains true to what she believes best—that family values should be cherished and preserved; and these values are clearly evident in her writing.

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