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J. D. Mallinson: The Intricacies of Nature in Award-Winning Poems

Self-published author J. D. Mallinson has beautifully captured the intricacies and depth of nature in his collection of poems, The Sycamore Seed.

His poetry anthology appeals to a wide range of audiences, with topics ranging from history and travel to music and art. Despite this variation in theme, his poems were written with one goal in mind: to understand the nature of things. His introspection into the many faces of nature has recently earned him the gold medal in the Poetry – General category of the 2013 Readers’ Favorite Awards.

J. D. has spent his main career in education, but this has never stopped him from pursuing his literary passions. To date, he has published a number of works in leading journals across the UK and USA, been featured in seven anthologies, and published four books of poetry plus two spy-detective novels.

And it looks like he’s not stopping anytime soon. This month, Xlibris sits down with this naturally gifted author to talk about his early writing career, his writing goals, and his creative approach to crafting beautifully strung pieces.

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