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Lane R. Warenski

Lane R. Warenski was born and raised in the great western state of Utah. He was raised to be proud of his pioneer heritage and to carry a deep love and respect for the outdoors. Whether it was the daily journals of William Ashley or the fictional stories written by Louis L’Amour, throughout his life, Lane has been a voracious reader of the history and stories of the West. Ever since childhood, following his father, he has hunted, fished, and camped the mountains of the West, dreaming of what it must have been like to be among the first white men to set foot in that vast unknown wilderness. He lives in a log home in Duchesne County, Utah, where he has an unrestricted view of the highest peaks in the mighty Uinta Mountains.

Grizzly Killer follows the story of future mountain man Zach Connors. When Zach Connors and his pa left their Kentucky homestead in the summer of 1824 to see the Rocky Mountains, he didn’t realize he would never again see his childhood home or that he would find love, friendship, fame, and a new home in this wild and harsh landscape of the Uinta Mountains. After a grizzly kills his pa, Zach struggles against the cold winter, hostile Indians, and a rogue bear, to name a few of the perils he must face. Grizzly Killer is a story of survival against nature and hostile Indians, as well as the clash of cultures between the Indians and mountain men that braved this wilderness.

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