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Here at Xlibris, aspiring authors can publish their books on their own terms and still be available to pursue other publishing avenues.

Take a look at some of our authors who have recently signed with traditional publishers.

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© Bantam

Learning to Fall

By Philip Simmons
Acquired by Bantam.

© One World/Ballentine

Stripped Bare

By LaDawn Black
Acquired by One World/Ballentine. Its two subsequent titles are also published under the same traditional publisher.

© Ulysses Press / Random House

Atheist Universe

By David Mills
Acquired by Ulysses Press / Random House.

© Dell Publishing

Sleep with the Fishes

By Brian Wiprud
Acquired by Dell Publishing.

© St. Martin's Press

Nick of Time

By Ted Bell
Acquired by St. Martin's Press. Two subsequent titles from Ted Bell has also been released through the same publisher.

© Ulysses Press / Random House

Patriots: A Novel of Survival in the Coming Collapse

By James Wesley Rawles
Acquired by Ulysses Press / Random House. The same publisher has now also published various other books by Rawles.

© Sourcebooks/Landmark

The Pearls of the Stone Man

By Edward Mooney, Jr.
Acquired by Sourcebooks/Landmark.

© Hampton Roads Publishing

A Happy Pocket Full of Money

By David Gikandi
Acquired by Hampton Roads Publishing.

© University of Chicago Press

A Naked Singularity

By Sergio de la Pava
Acquired by University of Chicago Press.

© White Soup Press

Darcy's Passions

By Regina Jeffers
Acquired by White Soup Press.

© Penguin Plume

Going Home

By A. American
Acquired by Penguin Plume.

© Penguin Tarcher

The Procrastinators Digest

By Timothy A. Pychyl
Acquired by Penguin Tarcher.

© Ravenswood

Ravening Heart of the Wolf

By Erin Eldridge
Acquired by Ravenswood.

© Ravenswood

Immortal Longings

By Erin Eldridge
Acquired by Ravenswood.

© Austin Macauley

The Ivan

By Erin Eldridge
Acquired by Austin Macauley.