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Effectively delivering the best in publishing is the cornerstone of what we do. Here’s what our authors have to say about working with us.


The Chronicles of Lord River Part 2

“Self-publishing with Xlibris has been a wonderful experience so far. I know it will get better. I already bought my services for my second book. All is well with Xlibris.”


Lost Memories

“After researching a number of publishing companies, I chose Xlibris to work with me on publishing my first book. I am so glad I did. The staff and personnel at every step of this journey have been professional and courteous. Thank you to everyone who helped and thoroughly explained the publishing process, making it almost a breeze to publish my book.”



“I cannot speak highly enough of the care, concern, expertise, and helpful attitudes of everyone I have dealt with at Xlibris Publishing. From the Submissions team, through the Corrections Process, Marketing, and Post Publication and Post-Production phases—at each stage, everyone has demonstrated a level of concern and helpfulness that would be hard to replicate. Calls are returned almost immediately, and each staff member has gone above and beyond in the process of making my book projects a pleasant learning experience... and believe me, I made a few mistakes along the way. Nevertheless, the teams I had the pleasure of working with always made me feel like I was their most important customer and worked tirelessly to accommodate my needs. They helped me release my first book inside of three months, while my second book is almost completed. I feel blessed and lucky to have chosen Xlibris as my first publisher. Thank you for helping transform my dream into reality. Keep up the good work! I’m a devoted fan for life!”


Who went into the Parlor without checking with the Maid

“My experience with Xlibris was great. They took their time with me since it was my first time, and walked me through all of the steps. They made my life really easy when it came to knowing what was going on with my book, and they were so helpful with the changes that I wanted to make. It was so easy to produce because each and every department took their time and really did an extensive job on my work, and they were careful with the book, as I wanted to be. I would recommend Xlibris to anyone who is just staring out, and let them publish their work because they care about the authors and how they feel.”

Jeanette Voyzey

Ice Cream On Thursdays

"It has taken me a while to decide how to write my biography. I needed time to think it through and how to portray the very sensitive issues within my early life. Then I found Xlibris. From then on things really did become a lot easier. From the first sales call to the finished article, the staff at Xlibris have been a joy to work with. The copyediting is second to none and the cover design is exactly what I wanted. Thank you so much to everyone."

Jean Farish

The Long Journey Home

"I have received excellent services during my publishing experience with Xlibris. The staff exhibits professionalism and provides timely and efficient services. They are very courteous and tailored services to meet my publishing needs. I have been tremendously pleased and supported in marketing strategies to learn more about the industry and to showcase my book."

Lynda Peringian

The "MIRACLE ROSES" — A True Story

"Thanks Xlibris for working with me. Your courteous gesture is outstanding. You are indicated in my book’s dedication page."

Bruce Joffe, Ph.D.

Square Peg in a Round Hole, A Hint Of Homosexuality?

"The Xlibris team, once again, did an exemplary job of following my design and layout suggestions. This is my second book being published by Xlibris and the talented folks there have truly outdone themselves. Everything came out perfect. I'm humbled and truly impressed. Thank you all for your hard work as reflected by the time and talents invested in this project. Many, many thanks to all of you — from the reps to the quality designers, production people and all the support people."

Ellen Jensen-Dean

Sudden Death in Room 110, An Unlikely Witness, A Return to Say Goodbye — A True Story

"I would appreciate having the name of the person who did the editing because I want to add his/her name to my acknowledgment page. I wish to give credit to the correct person. I am very pleased with the result of this phase."

Gary L. Bridges

The Cuchara Chronicles

"Xlibris provided me with the timely and professional assistance I needed to get my first novel published. The entire process went without a hitch. I recommend any new or continuing author use their services."

Renee Hakim


"The publishing process, which I believed would be so difficult, has been a pleasure thanks to the Xlibris crew. Though a writer, I still must say, words cannot express how grateful I am to be in the hands of such professionals."

Jule Gaige

I Gave Up My Life to Find IT

"The cover I selected was one that was done by someone at Xlibris. It is so beautiful! It is absolutely perfect and fits The Infallible Way wonderfully. So, it is not the one I had illustrated. Rather, it was one of Xlibris illustrators. In fact, I would like to give him/her mention on the credit page."

Darla Murray-Loomis

Temporary Temples of Beauty

"I just wanted to take a moment and let you know how happy and satisfied I am with the work you have done with making my dream a reality."

Will-Allen Jameson

Unraveling at Glory House, Too Tough to Die, Too Poor to Leave

"During a stressful time for me, their personnel always remained thoroughly professional, kind, and thoughtful, but most of all patient with my often slow or ignored responses. I'll choose Xlibris to publish my third book"


The Word’s out. We’re getting a reputation. Xlibris delivers the best in marketing solutions. Consistently delivering quality as well as timely campaigns and author-centric services will do that. But, don’t take it from us. Here’s what our authors have to say…

Judy Snider

Goldy's Baby Socks

"Xlibris' marketing services, especially the online listing and channel program, helped my book 'get out there'. I am so happy with Xlibris that I just signed up with them to get my book done in Spanish. Thanks so much."

Will-Allen Jameson

Unraveling at Glory House, Too Tough to Die, Too Poor to Leave

"I couldn't improve on your marketing message for my book. You did a great job!! Thanks so much for your time, interest, and talent. I'm very pleased with your work"

Diana Harrison


"I am very happy with the Web Design Marketing Service. Again, thanks much for all that you have done."

Maurice Fillion


"You've moved my Email Marketing Campaign with speed and effectiveness. I appreciate your courtesy and your dedication"

Jean Solbert

Why We Go Hunting

"The EMC and the info sent have satisfied me in every way. The e-mail creative ad was so perfectly written. Really unbelievable. I am very pleased."

Kim Tennant

The Ordinary Extraordinary Boy

"One thing I have truly enjoyed about dealing with Xlibris is the staff is so helpful and courteous, and also that the internet communication is quick and efficient."

Linda Chambers

ABC Poetry

"I am well pleased with all the items Xlibris designed for me"