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AUTHOR VIDEOS: Sonia Pressman Fuentes


“A world died when my parents died. I did not want that world to disappear without a trace. I did not want my own life to disappear either. And so I wrote this book about their world and mine.”

I initially made an arrangement with another print-on-demand publishing company and they committed that the book would be published as of a certain date—and because of that, I lined up eight speaking engagements. Some months passed, and I received a letter from the president of that other company telling me they would not be able to make their commitment and in fact had no idea when they could publish the book and suggested I get it published elsewhere. This was, of course, a shock to me. I didn’t know what I was going to do. I didn’t know how I was going to keep those speaking engagements when, coincidentally, I happened to receive an e-mail from Xlibris telling me about their company and their services. And I responded to them and agreed with them to publish the book. They met their commitment, and in fact, they published the book in time for me to keep my eight speaking engagements.

Before I published the book, people from the women’s rights movement knew of my activities and accomplishments—but the country at large did not. Since the publication of my book, I’ve been recognized universally for what I had done with regard to women’s rights.

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