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The Manager's Kitbag

New Words for Old Ideas
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Garth Holloway has had twenty years of experience in helping businesses design and implement successful programs of change. While the first two books in this series focused more on the concepts behind change management, in this, his third and final book, he provides a range of practical tools and techniques for managers to use on a day-to-day basis, particularly when it comes to effecting change. In this collection of articles, Garth explains how to:
• Use an over-arching methodology, one that involves seven vital steps, for implementing change in your business.
• Use the simplest of techniques, drawing, to fully comprehend almost any kind of information and then present it to others.
• Uncover the many (and often confl icting) assumptions that underpin business strategy.
• Run a straightforward Business Process Reengineering workshop and subsequent program of improvement.
• Write a SWOT analysis that is presented in context.
• Focus on business outcomes rather than initiatives and understand why it is so important to "be where the ball is going, rather than where it is."
• How to prepare and administer a survey and avoid measuring what you cannot change
• Provide judgment support so that lower-level staff can make the right decisions, quickly.
• Guide your staff successfully through the final (and oft-forgotten stage) of a change program, the mourning period.

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