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Hüman xtrak'ed
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This book started out as an idea to take poetry and Biology and make a poetic Biology text book. Then I realized that I should probably just call it a poetry book. Then, it kind of dwindled and sat around in the digital realm of a saved word document. Finally it came back to life 2 years later and was finally decided to be a collection of poetry, prose, and photos a memory keepsake that he could pass on to his family and feel some sort of accomplishment by having finished something that he started. It contains stories from South Korea, Mexico, El Paso and Chicago. It also has poetry and photography and original artwork. Also contains the secret to life itself….The ACTUAL SECRET…NOT THE rumored one or the alleged secret …THE SECRET. Actually it’s also a homage to Hunter S. Thompson and Johnny Depp. These two guys have some how saved my life.

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