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Jaded Hearts

  • Published: December 2009
  • Format: E-Book
  • Pages: 1
  • ISBN: 9781477162576
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"AUTHOR: ANDREA GUICE BIOS: Ms. Guice has always had a passion for writing poetry, short stories and plays. Ms Guice was born on September 28, 1953, in New Jersey. Ms. Guice was raised on a small farm owned by her Native American Indian grandmother, Margaret Brewer, descendant of the Cherokee Tribes, from Bennett, North Carolina. It is Ms. Guice hopes that she someday can recapture her native American roots by visiting with Cherokee Tribes, and even reuniting with her lost heritage. Ms. Guice currently resides in Ohio, where she has become inspired to follow her dream of writing and publishing her free-style poetry that she believes those who appreciate individual styles of prose, will find her poetess enjoyable and inspirational. Ms. Guice writes from what she describes as “an untouched depth of my soul, released.” Ms. Guice chose the title “Jaded” hearts” for her book because she believed the word describes the epitome of many human emotions, such as: love, joy, sorrow, pain. The word jaded is quite broad in scope, and included in this book are 150 words that the reader can review that parallel the word jaded, or equivalent. Ms. Guice expresses delight in sharing with her readers heartfelt original poetry and believes each theme will touch the hearts of many readers, inspirationally. All materials are exclusively the rights of Ms. Guice, and all Copyrights laws shall apply to the works contained within these pages. No part, or permissions to use, copy, or rewrite any of Ms.Guice’s writings are permitted unless, her consent has been given. To contact Ms. Guice for information about her poetry, Email: aguicems@aol.com "

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