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On My Search for a Better Life, This Is How I Became . . . Infamous!!!

An Autobiography
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This is the memoir of a man who grew up in the inner city. Who had a very lacking upbringing and one day decided to do something about it. It is a cautionary tale of the choices we make. Especially the ones we make for money. This led him to some of the most unexpected places—a life in the streets, in front of cameras in the adult entertainment world and in an eight-by-six cell for numerous years in prison. There are some choices we can walk away from; then there are the ones that stay with us forever. Now he's on a quest to make things right and is back with a message and is paying it forward by using his story as a warning to others. So take stock of the choices you make. Because I wouldn't want you to go through what happened to me! Choose well!

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