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Living Intelligence Or The Art of Becoming

Inspirational Auto-Suggestive Psychology of Self- Creation
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  • Published: March 2015
  • Format: Dust Jacket Hardcover(B/W)
  • Pages: 394
  • Size: 6x9
  • ISBN: 9781503538245
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“Living Intelligence or the Art of Becoming” By Dr. Rimaletta Ray and Xenia Gazarkh “The highest system of learning is how we live our lives, and the hardest Job in the world is to create oneself!”(Dalai Lama) The work on self-formation is the art of making each life have more sense in terms of intellectual self-realization that each and every one of us is striving hard to accomplish. Revolutionizing our knowledge in the coming more electronically-charged years is the first stage of the process of rationalization of our lives. “There is only one good - knowledge and one evil – ignorance” (Socrates) The book “Living Intelligence or the Art of Becoming” is an attempt to pinpoint the Modus Operandi of a personal evolution through expanding one’s intelligence and raising the consciousness. Unfortunately, it is downright impossible unless we uplift ourselves in all the five main dimensions of life: physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and universal holistically by practicing what we preach, by developing intuition that is our “adult barometer,” and by turning our bad life habits into transformative Living Intelligence skills. At the new electronically-advanced times holistic, integral, and conscious self-development becomes a priority At the time of rapid evolution of Electronic Intelligence, we need people that are well-rounded holistically, on all the above mentioned levels. And if our education system does not provide that, the mission of every intelligent person is to obtain the education that makes one’s unique personality shine against all odds. We need to help it happen so any one could become his own cheer-leader in life, cut his mechanical living, and start living consciously The book is an attempt to present a simple blueprint of self-development and self-realization as our main mission in life. Thesis 9)“If you are not headed to a destination with a map to guide you, then your intelligence and ambition are going to waste.” (Dr. Phil) We are mapping out the ten stages of Living Intelligence ( Introduction, Thesis 9) that, in our understanding, are to be followed as our intellectual quest on the basis of the specifically developed talents and the intelligence that we might be granted by God. It is a holistic picture of the most critical intelligences that comprise living intelligence and sculpture a person on his way to attaining “spiritualized intelligence” (John Baines) and Living Consciousness. It is a new, much more reasoned out self-awareness, guided by rational thinking, speaking and acting that a human mind needs to master on five philosophical levels: Mini, Mata. Mezzo. Macro, and Super, and in five main dimensions: physical, emotional, mental spiritual, and universal. We are developing the super conscious mind on these levels holistically. This being said, self- modification and self-regulation need to be consciously practiced in the following direction: Unconscious Conscious Superconscious Mini Level - (Physical dimension) - General Intelligence (Physical Intelligence +, Cognitive Intelligence + Digital Intelligence) + Language Intelligence - We personalize ourselves mentally, verbally, and psychologically. Meta Level – (Emotional dimension) - Emotional Intelligence + Psychological Intelligence - We intellectualize our emotions and become better masters of ourselves psychologically Mezzo Level – (Mental dimension) - Professional Intelligence (Creative Intelligence +, Financial Intelligence) - We individualize and self-realize ourselves professionally! Macro -Level – (Mental Dimension)- Cultural and Social Intelligences We acculturate and socialize yourself! Super Level – (Spiritual and Universal Dimensions), Spiritual and Universal Intelligences We spiritualize ourselves by transcending our religious differences, committing to the Universal Intelligence that we all call God holistically, servicing God and life at large on the interpersonal level and extra-terrestrial levels. Each of the intelligences, outlined above, makes up a strategic plan of action for self- creation. They are all interrelated by the principle of the Russian dolls, when the top doll encompasses all the rest into one dependable structure.( Introduction, Thesis 9) The outline of the direction for the self-quest that we present in this book as the know-how of a self-training program had been verified by the author for the life time of academic teaching young people from all over the world.. They have all learned to defy the gravity of common thought and fly in their mind, no matter what! Finally, the book is also promoting self- suggestive psychology based on the premises that if you want to be inspired, you need to be self-inspiring! We believe that besides obtaining a more rationalized attitude to life, the mind of each person on earth needs to be inspired and enthused for such a holistic mission statement willfully. Inspiring oneself is the process of forcing one’s resisting mental, emotional, and psychological make-ups to do the self-transformation of the whole body system. The book is disarmingly simple to grasp for everyone, an adult or a teenager, just stepping on the path of self-formation. Simplicity, as the primary component of the book, prompted that its extremely broad topic be presented in small, very digestible Chunks of information that can always be enriched through numerous sources on the Internet With a clear-cut idea about what they are seeking and where they are channeling themselves with the book as a compass in self-quest and self-realization, readers can get oriented in the intelligence that they need to develop. It will also inspire them to stay on the path of self- creation with the help of suggestive inspirational boosters that preview every stage of intelligence , on the one hand , and a wide choice of auto-suggestive mind-sets that rhyme to boost the will-power, on the other.. In sum, the aim of the book “Living Intelligence or the Art of Becoming” is to expand on the circumference of being to becoming, systematizing the living skills, or rather the mix of living skills to attain basic intelligences for self-regeneration and self-creation to a better full- realization in life. It’s the first book on the market of this overwhelmingly holistic value, and it has undoubtedly a great potential to be read and studied by everyone who feels a void inside for self- realization to finally accomplish the “excessive happiness” that everyone is striving for. Living intelligence becomes consciousness in action, the consciousness that cultivates a new culture of thinking and living. “We must make sense with our lives, each and every one of us!”(Leo Vygotsky) “Someday is Now!”

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