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Tears of an Assassin

An Unforgettable Trilogy
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TEARS OF AN ASSASSIN Jim Coleman has no idea what to do with his life. He joins the Marine Corps in 1962 on a whim. He makes history by shooting perfect at Parris Island. Jim has become the only marine ever to accomplish this feat. This will unknowingly change his life in the Marines forever. He meets a Naval Officer, Commander Forrest Damon who is the military liaison with the CIA in Washington. A new life begins as he goes on Temporary Duty with the CIA. Jim joins the most elite section of the CIA. It is so secretive that it’s only known by the most powerful and influential men in the government. What does the CIA have in mind for him? Where will they send him? From Southeast Asia to the Caribbean. Surrounded by the underworld in the Deep South, Jim fi ghts his demons every day. Only he knows what is constantly in his dreams. Jim tries to come to grips with his beliefs and teachings but it is so diffi cult. With every assignment, he goes deeper and deeper into the other life.

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