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The Protectors

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Shortly after the Beginning the Creator made the protectors and sent them out on a journey to find a heathen that was pure of heart. They searched for centuries. Eventually, they found one and rushed back to the Creator, all excited! “We have found a pure of heart heathen!” The Creator was pleased. Given a task of protecting the heathen, the protectors defended them from earthly threats. In the process, time itself was skewed to protect one family’s progeny and ensure their descendants would be born. Eventually the protectors needed support from the very people they would defend. Twin sisters Avalene and Avalon, born in conflict, would set the stage for the beginning of jealousy and eventually rage. Literally transforming into a disembodied hate so intense, Avalene knew nothing of time or distance. Her fury drew in Legion and its followers to use her to their own evil ends. Unable to defeat the protectors the first time, Legion placed on the heathen’s family a scourge that would last four hundred years. Avalon inherited the protectors, so her descendants would bring about one small girl to break the curse and set her family free from the scourge. Soon the time would come when the protectors and Legion would clash in an epic battle of good and evil.

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