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Nine Lives to Eternity

A True Story of Repeatedly Cheating Death An Inspirational and Faith-driven Human Triumph
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Nine Lives to Eternity is a true chronicle of cheating death time and again. This inspirational and faith-driven human triumph details the aftermath of my many harrowing experiences and mishaps, any of which should have resulted in certain death. Each time, I was somehow incessantly saved by guardian angels. The numerous near-death experiences accounted for twenty-six fractured bones and rendered me unconscious on five separate occasions, yet somehow I lived to tell my compelling story of survival and triumph over death. By the release date of this book, the good Lord has allowed me to somehow, someway survive up until and beyond the celebration of my fifty-fifth birthday. Trust me when I reiterate that my life hasn’t been a painless journey while defeating death on a habitual basis. Beginning as a mere infant at the age of nine months old and then continuing through fifty-five years, I’ve cheated death again and again. During my life’s journey, I’ve survived an unfathomable twenty-seven encounters with death. I’ve escaped death through seven different machinery and equipment mishaps. I’ve avoided horse or mule death challenges no fewer than five times. Although one of my life’s greatest pleasures has always been motorcycling, I’ve paid a price by suffering through five singular accidents that should have terminated my life. Few in life could survive even one automobile crash, yet I’ve lived to describe three separate vehicular collisions. In addition, I’ve escaped death from toxic fumes twice and twice averted death threats while working within dangerous third world countries. I’ve even fallen from a rooftop, nearly crashed in an airplane, and lived through a poisoning, yet by the grace of God, I’ve failed to become a fatality statistic. I’ve often joked that for every day in which I don’t read my own name within a newspaper obituary column that becomes a really good day for me. To survive so many brushes with death is difficult to absorb. My goal-driven ambitions have unfortunately brought me to the threshold of death numerous times. I’ve driven myself to limits that few would attempt. Early in life, I set a goal for myself to try and fit three lifetimes of experiences into my short time on this planet. As a youth, I never believed that I would survive beyond an age of forty years. Most certainly, my high-risk behaviors reduced my odds for a lengthy existence. As my life unfolded, the numerous encounters with death became staggering. Between the ages of nine months up until nine years, I faced death three times. From the ages of ten years through my nineteenth birthday, death crossed my pathway four more times. During my tumultuous twenties from the ages of twenty years through twenty-nine years, I survived eight separate death encounters. Between the ages of thirty years through thirty-nine years, my chances of death slowed down to two. By the ages of forty years through forty-nine years, the Grim Reaper visited me on three separate occasions. As I reached midlife, I discovered that the pace of my death engagements was increasing. From the ages of fifty years through fifty-five years, I’d already amassed five singular close encounters with death. Perhaps that assertion should come as no surprise. Since reaching my fifties, I’d done little to slow down or reduce my zest for life and risk-taking determination. Few adults when faced with their own midlife crisis will attempt such outlandish feats as mountain climbing to the summit of Devils Tower in Wyoming or riding a motorcycle nonstop for ten thousand miles or consulting in the midst of a war within the country of Afghanistan. I’m thankful for each and every day that I’m allowed the privilege of living. I try to give thanks and praise to my Lord every day for granting me the tenacity to overcome even the worst of survival odds. Through my strong faith and spirituality, and by never accepting defeat, I’ve been able to constantly repel the onset of death.

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