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The Psi Faction team is deployed to the battleship Escalon on a major campaign to attack the Atlantea Federation. Sati Ima, now an ace fighter pilot, is stationed back on the Escalon and reunites with Blue his best friend from when they were both test subjects at the Psi Faction. The Atlantea Federation attacks the Pacific Territories’ battle fleet with their ultimate weapon the Dionysis Air Fortress. Brutal battles occur as the two fleets attack each other leaving no quarter. But the battles aren’t the only thing going on. Sati has a mouth on him and his ability to keep his behavior in check is questioned more than once by his squadron leader. The Atlantea Federation also has an ace pilot, and Sati is hard-pressed to match him, trying his best to keep from being shot down. The fleet travels closer to the Atlantea Federation homeland as Lino gets some unexpected news. What he can’t figure out is why a Trance Channeler comes to the Escalon with Anis his cousin. Something is going on and Lino wants to know exactly what it is before he makes any decision as the Viceroy. Find out what is in store for the Psi Faction team in grydscaen: insurrection, the fourth volume in the grydscaen series.

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