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How to Find a Good, Christian Man

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How to Find a Good, Christian Man is a self-help book for women. Today many women are making poor choices when it comes to finding a man. Poor choices often lead to heartache and pain. The choice of a marriage mate is one of the most important choices that a woman can make. What steps can a woman take to choose a good man? Most women want a man who is faithful, loving, and kind. Where can women find such men? What can a woman do to attract a man? What techniques can a woman use to discern if a man is right for her? How can a woman tell a Christian man from a worldly man? What should a woman do to prepare herself for a relationship? How should a woman behave once she is in a relationship? What should a woman expect from a man? How should Christians behave while they are dating? Are you tired of dating the wrong men? Have you been hurt by men in the past? Are you willing to try something new in order to find a good man? Can you assert yourself in order to find a mature man? Would you like help in finding the right man for you? All these questions will be answered in How to Find a Good, Christian Man. You will find many helpful suggestions in the book. Harold D. Edmunds gives women a step-by-step guide to finding a good, Christian man. Christian men are different than other men because they live by the high standards set down in God’s word the Bible. Edmunds has written a simple, straightforward guide to finding an excellent companion. The suggestions given are easy to follow and will lead to success. Do you want a good, Christian man?

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